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The last thing I want to do is cheat you, dear readers, but I have to admit it’s been a bit tougher than I ever dreamed to bring you the quality gnome news you crave.

Yes, that’s my way of telling you that I don’t have anything for you again today.

boxyI thought to have an interview with Dr. Willem Gelding, professor of anthropology and gnome studies at Dakota Central University, but he’s been out of his office until today.

I also had an interview lined up with a reader who contacted me shortly after my very first post for this blog. She is a self-described “gnome hater,” and agreed to the interview. However, shortly before that interview was to begin, she called, panic-stricken, saying that she had to take a sudden trip and would be unavailable for several weeks.

Suspicious, some? Yes, I thought so, too!

But good news is on the horizon!

Dr. Gelding sent me an e-mail this morning, stating that he is back in his office after a gnome-hunting trip to South America. Citing extreme fatigue from a nasty intestinal bug, he begged off the interview until next week, but rest assured it’s coming as soon as Dr. Gelding pounds down a few more Kaopectate Kocktails!

I can’t say for certain if the gnome hater will ever come back, but I don’t give up easily, and besides, a new source has stepped forward unexpectedly!

In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll interview an acquaintance who told me she’s seen gnomes right here in New Jersey. She also told me she now lives in a state of constant fear. I’ll get photographs of the areas where the incidents occurred and try to make sense of this recent increase in gnome activity right here in my own back yard!

I’ll also conduct a nighttime Gnome Patrol, and I’ll bring you the results … if I survive!

Rules for my blog-naming contest are being finalized, and that will be kicking off in the very near future. And yes, there will be a prize!

Finally, I want to remind you that I love the support, and if you haven’t already done so, please click on that little blue button at the upper right and sign up to follow my blog. I know you don’t want to miss a single minute of some of the freshest blather on the blogosphere!

And now for something completely different …

My final thought for today

My mother always liked pine trees. Here, drifting above a local Christmas tree farm, she finds quite a few to enjoy.
My mother always liked pine trees. Here, drifting above a local Christmas tree farm, she finds quite a few to enjoy.

I read somewhere that tendrils of fog at first light are spirits of the departed returning to their graves after a night above ground, the hours of darkness being the only time they can cross the veil into the world of the living.

Tell me all you want about temperature and dew point and I’ll not question its truth.

But I still see my mother in the mist.

With an over-the-shoulder look as they hurry away, mother, father, grandparents and even the half-brother I never knew bestow a hasty benediction.

It’s how I think of them now, and I no longer mind arising at the crack of dawn.



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  1. Debbie Farrisi July 17, 2014 — 8:08 pm

    I love the Christmas tree farm. One morning, many years ago, it was the coldest spot in America. Yes, even colder that Alaska.

    Liked by 1 person

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