Tuesday mailbag


I get lots of fan mail, and I’ve decided to devote the occasional Tuesday to answering some of it.

Dear My Nameless Blog writer: You promised that there would be some sort of contest for naming your blog. When?
— Tanya

Hi, Tanya! Yes, I am finally going to get serious about naming this blog, and you’ll find details about it in the second half of this blog post. Thanks for writing.

* * *

Dear blogger: I am a professional online marketing consultant, and for just $29.95 per webinar, I can teach you how to develop a skill set so you can harness internet clicks and drive traffic …
— Bruce

Hi, Bruce! I already have a set. Now see if you can harness THIS!

* * *

Dear Gnome Guy: I started reading your blog because I am interested in gnomes, but there’s always a lot of other stuff that isn’t about gnomes at all. Why is that?
— Signed, Frustrated

Hi, Frustrated: I apologize that not every one of my blog posts is about gnomes. You’re not the only person to be disappointed about that, but you must agree that gnomes are rather elusive, and it’s just not possible to have something gnome-related every time. Followers expect something new on a semi-regular basis, so until I think of a better way, the gnome-related news you crave will have to be mixed in with other stuff.

* * *

Dear Dad: You don’t really believe gnomes exist, do you?
— One of your concerned children (not saying who)

Hi, concerned child! Of course gnomes exist, but to allay your fears I’m going to tell you this straight out — pixies are completely phony.

* * * 

Hey fucktard: You’re blog sux. It is to long. Itz boring and u r stupit if u think gnomes r real. #getalife
— Twitterfan

Dear Twitterfan: #Biteme

* * *

Dear wgr56: You used to BE somebody! I know because we worked together for 10 years, man! You worked 30 years for major American newspapers, and now you’re writing about gnomes??? WTF?
— Name withheld

Hi, Name withheld! How’s that newspaper career working out for you? Given the state of the industry, I predict you’ll be out of a job this time next year, but don’t worry, I’m steering clear of elves and unicorns, so those topics might still be available when you turn to blogging while collecting unemployment.

* * *

Dear Mister Gnome Editor: I couldn’t tell for sure from the picture, but I think that was my wife you were interviewing in your blog post about the Gnomes of the Ironbound. Any information you could provide will be appreciated, because she has disappeared from the hospital. We’ve been looking for weeks, but she’s vanished without a trace.
— Worried husband

Hi, worried husband! A deal is a deal, and I can’t divulge confidential sources. I will say, however, that you might look for loose manhole covers on Fairy Street … or is it Ferry Street … I don’t remember. Anyway, good luck!

Naming contest

This blog was originally called “nameless” because I didn’t want it to be stuck with a title before it had some direction. But now that I have several posts under my belt and we’ve all seen just how directionless this blog really is, it’s time to commit to something permanent.

My Nameless Blog has covered a wide array of topics including recipes, travel, cemeteries, board games, newspapers, and my general discontent about everything in between.

However, gnomes and gnomery are the themes to which I’ll always return, so the winning entry will be able to tie all that together in a clever, snappy way.

The preferred method of entry will be by posting a comment to this blog, but you can also enter by any other method, snail mail, e-mail, smoke signals, I don’t care. The winning contestant will receive this:

Won't this look great in your flower bed or garden? Just win the contest and it's yours!
Won’t this look great in your flower bed or garden? Just win the contest and it’s yours!

Be sure to read the contest rules below. Terms and restrictions apply.


  • All contestants must be 3 years old or older.
  • I’m not into plagiarism, so all entries should be rigorously checked to see if the name is already being used by someone else.
  • I don’t mind profanity, except when it’s in the title of my blog. Don’t do it.
  • Friends and relatives of the blog’s author are eligible.
  • All employees of My Nameless Blog are eligible.
  • Contest rules are intentionally vague and may change at any time.
  • Judges are employed and paid by My Nameless Blog, and are the sole arbiters of all disputes. All decisions are final.


Add yours →

  1. Here’s a few ideas. All I ask is that you NOT send me your “little friend.”

    Short subjects
    Gnome notes
    Gnome man is an island
    Not-so-tall tales
    The gnameless gnome
    The ‘g’ is silent

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roamin Gnomials

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gnomadic Notions (used to be a store called Nomadic Notions)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. More:

    To Gnome Me Is to Love Me
    Om Mani Padme Gnome
    Gnomin’ Gnomin’ Gnomin’ – Get them Gnomies Rollin’
    Like Gnomebody’s Business
    Hit a Gnomer
    The Gnomer Pile

    I think I’ll stop.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The Gnumbing truth

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I hope I haven’t repeated any above:

    Gnome depot
    So In the Gnome (apparently a great topical pun, per Eve: “So in the know”)
    Gnome improvement
    Gnome matter what
    Gnome mercy
    Gnome mistaken
    gnome mistakin’
    Gnomebody’s business
    Gnome me so well
    Musings in the Gap
    This Blog Sussex
    headin gnome
    Gnome is where the heart is
    Gnomeward bound

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sorry Jennifer for duplicating your ideas!

    I Live I Gnome Many (Obtuse, but I like it.)
    I gnome many (you have to pronounce the g like the k in knights in Monty Python)

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  8. Greg is always good at this kind of thing!
    Here’s another:
    Gnome de Plume (You know, from nom de plume. Ok, kinda lame.)

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  9. Here are some possible blog names:
    Gnometown News
    Gnomebody Knows The Trouble I Seen
    Gnomewhere Man (a la…Beatles Nowhere Man)
    In the Gnome
    Gnomeward Bound

    I hope I haven’t repeated anything posted previously!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Clearly, she’s eyeing the prize and hopes to keep it here in our own flower bed!


  11. I like “Gnome News is Good News”.


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