More technical difficulties

The gnomes have gotten into my computer, and since I’m too blind to write very much on my phone, the writers, editors, photographers and graphic artists here at Roamin’ Gnomials have decided to just bag it for the week.

I know you’re even more disappointed than I am, but rest assured that the gnomes didn’t do too much damage, and things will be back to normal pretty soon.

As for William, I will make my regularly scheduled visit tomorrow, but won’t share my stunning insights until later.

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!


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  1. There was a time when I thought writing posts with anything else BUT my iPhone would be an absurdity. Now that I’ve purchased my very own MacBook (no kids allowed) it’s a much better experience.

    I hope the gnomes are easy on you and your computer!

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  2. I trust that all of your staff will continue to be paid until such time as the enterprise is back up and running.

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  3. Those anti-tech gnomes made an appearance here as well! Henri feigned innocence; although I think he knew something was amiss…..

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  4. In my experience, technical glitches are, more often than not, the work of gremlins and not gnomes.

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