I hate to go back on a promise


Dear Loyal and Disloyal Readers:

I know what I promised, and I know how disappointed you’ll be after I tell you that the transcription of my conversation with gnome studies expert Willem Gelding has been delayed.

I had some follow-up questions for Dr. Gelding that needed to be asked, but after contacting Guangdong University, I was told that the professor was called away suddenly, to Dime Box, Texas, of all places.

Since there are no direct flights from Guangdong to Dime Box, we should anticipate some travel difficulties for Dr. Gelding, but with any luck at all, I will eventually track him down and hope to have the information for you next week.

Wait for it, it’s shockingshocking, I tell you!

Finaly, this sentense is for Occraz.



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  1. Oh, drat! I’ve been waiting on pins and needles!
    Hmmmm, Texas…I have feeling that Dr. Gelding is in search of some barbeque!

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  2. See, I have him nervous about making a real typo now. That’s the real reason there’s a delay. There’s no such thing as travel difficulties nowadays.

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