Happy birthday, Roamin’ Gnomials!

Today marks the one-year anniversary for this blog, which had a different name in the beginning, but let’s not get picky.

It seems a long time ago that I started down this path by penning the immortal The First Mistake. All together, this birthday notice marks my 130th post, one or two of which might have actually been worth a crap!

After making it to the Portuguese Sailor Bar this afternoon, I was cured of the pneumonic plague, with not a minute to spare. After pounding down the cure, a kind Portuguese doctor diagnosed a secondary infection of bronchitis, which will keep me in abject misery for awhile yet. Even so, I look forward to providing you with more exciting material, and perhaps even improving my ratio of 97 percent swill to 3 percent quality (by my own measure).

Many thanks to all the readers who have supported this endeavor, especially those of you who are unrelated to me and thus not obligated to ever say anything nice. That you do so anyway is very satisfying indeed.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Roamin’ Gnomials! A gnoble pursuit!

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  2. I can’t take it gnome more. One year and they’ve already taken over my spellchecker!

    Happy anniversary!

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  3. There’s gnome telling what will happen next!

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  4. There are some who’d say it’s far past time for this blog’s author to exercise some elf-control.

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  5. Deborah Farrisi July 7, 2015 — 7:33 pm

    This one was before the trips to William?? I can’t remember, it’s all a blur.

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  6. Rosemary Parrillo July 8, 2015 — 11:15 am

    Gnome time like the present to say, Happy Birthday!

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