Chapter Two: America, it’s okay to be afraid

A few short weeks ago, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I posted that it was okay for America to be afraid, but that it was time for Lady Liberty to hitch up her big girl pants and do the right thing with regard to helping Syrian refugees.

Now, after a more recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., I want to reiterate that sentiment. Trouble is, there’s a certain segment of our population that is supporting hate-filled statements from a presidential candidate who is trying to capitalize on fear by saying we should keep ALL Muslims out. The very same people who are usually first to wave the flag have apparently forgotten that this country’s Greatest Generation spilled its blood on the beaches of Normandy to stop just this kind of thing.

Ashamed as I am to admit it, I actually know people who say they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. In expressing their support, these people claim that Trump, at least, “doesn’t say the same old things.”

I beg to differ. If they think Donald Trump doesn’t say the same old things, maybe they’re just not looking back far enough.


So yes, it’s okay to be afraid, America. Be afraid that the presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016 could be remembered like Nov. 9, 1938. They called it Kristallnacht.

Be afraid that our country didn’t learn a goddamn thing.



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  1. I try hard to avoid the Nazi comparison thing, because, you know, Godwin’s law corollary 1: If you do that, whoever you are addressing stops listening, and you’ve lost any chance for meaningful interchange.

    So let’s just say fascist, and maybe call Trump “Il Douche”. Fascists include all those authoritarian strongman types who promise to fix everything, IF you’ll only agree to grant them this or that temporary (they say) emergency power…

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  2. Very thought-provoking. I hope people are provoked enough to start thinking and do something!

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  3. My stomach continues to hurt. This is way out of control. I believe he won’t be elected by the majority of all voters, but the damage he is doing will go on a long time.

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  4. The comparisons are too exact to not make them. It’s so uncanny it’s disturbing.

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  5. Jason Fredric Gilbert December 10, 2015 — 3:43 am

    So true

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