Written in the Margins is refreshingly real


It’s impossible to duplicate the same fanfare that accompanied the awarding of the very first Roamin’ Gnomials Hidden Gem Award, but today’s winner authors a blog that is no less deserving than the Fat Old Mustache Man Naked Blog. In fact, when I was doing my initial research, I found a handful of blogs that easily could have garnered that first award.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t really matter if you received your Gnomie last month or a year from now, the danged thing is yours to keep for all time . . . or until you dump it into the round file, whichever comes first.

Of course one could argue that since each successive winner has to wait longer to receive the award, it just means your blog is an even bigger Hidden Gem. When you think about it, waiting longer is a clear sign that you’re even more under-appreciated than your predecessor, so there’s really a sort of inverse logic to the whole presentation procedure!

So with all that being said, I hereby award a Roamin’ Gnomials Hidden Gem Award to the Written in the Margins blog by Michele.

Truth is, I don’t know Michele from Adam, but the one thing I do know is that she’s a helluva good writer. I imagine that if I’d possessed a fraction of her talent at her age, I’d have written about 20-30 bestsellers by now.

Written in the Margins has a raw quality about it that is refreshingly real. Michele clearly understands how to use language, and her writing is so intimate that I can’t help but be touched by it.

A lot of Michele’s writing is about living in New York City, and it’s fascinating to me because I can’t help but wonder if her experiences are the same as my daughter’s, who appears to be not much older, and who also lived in New York before seeking greener pastures:

I have no energy to breathe.
There is rain. There has been rain. Tomorrow there will be rain.
Night has fallen over New York. This is Gotham City. The drops hit the sidewalk and the streetlamps’ light shatters into a thousand fireflies trapped in concrete.
The uphill walk to his apartment drags and my feet don’t seem worth lifting. This is some Gotham shit. I’m not a superhero. I’m a writer who hasn’t made it and an artist who never paints.

Michele writes about everyday life, nothing fancy, but her words often hit me where I live. Like this snippet from a post about a New Year’s Eve party:

Help me.
I know you’re here.
Maybe you’re hiding in the kitchen.
Maybe the bathroom door is closed because you’re sitting on the edge of the bathtub doing crossword puzzles.
I know you’re in here.
I am not the only one.
We have to stick together, or the extroverts will swallow us whole.

I see stark honesty when I read Written in the Margins and it never fails to make me think. I think Michele has a bright future as a writer, and if she keeps at it diligently, I believe she’ll have plenty of awards to grace her mantlepiece, though I hope she’ll always keep a special place for her Gnomie.

Congratulations, Michele, and keep up the good work!

Follow this link to Written in the Margins.

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