Preamble: The 26 steps of suffering

A2Z-BADGE_[2016]Maybe I was just having a bad day, I honestly don’t remember, but clearly my constitution was in a weakened state when I decided to participate in one of those interminable WordPress challenges.

If you’re WordPress blogger yourself, then you’re already familiar with challenges. This post, then, is not for you, but feel free to read it anyway. If you’ve been living under a rock, this could even be your first exposure to this particular challenge, and it’s possible that you’ll learn something that will give you a hankering to join those of us who will suffer.

This post is really intended for my millions of Followers who are not bloggers themselves, and who will be wondering just WTF they’ll be reading come spring. Of course regular readers of Roamin’ Gnomials are often left wondering just WTF they’re reading, so perhaps this explanation is entirely unnecessary. Even so, I’ll forge ahead.

And what is this challenge of which I speak? It’s the A to Z Challenge, and it starts on April 1, which is also April Fool’s Day. Never will that appellation be more appropriate than the day that I enter the fray.

Participants are instructed to blog 26 times during the month of April (you get a day off on Sundays), with the subject matter of each post being something that starts with each consecutive letter of the alphabet. It’s supposed to be educational. It’s supposed to teach discipline and planning. It’s supposed to increase your exposure to the Worldwide Blogging Community. It’s supposed to be fun. We’ll see about that!

The E Street Boys, my grandsons Evan and Ethan. I couldn't very well blog about one and not the other!
The E Street Boys, my grandsons Evan and Ethan. They arrived ready to party when my son entered the U.S. Navy. I couldn’t very well blog about one and not the other, and that was just the first problem I encountered when I thought to use names for my theme in the A to Z Challenge.

I thought it would be nice to have a theme for such an endeavor, and my first idea was to write a post about important people in my life whose name starts with a particular letter. I started ticking off names, and everything was fine until I got to E. That’s when I realized that I have TWO grandsons whose name starts with E, and I couldn’t very well write about one without writing about the other, which would only serve to piss off one set of parents when they saw that their little E didn’t get picked.

The problems didn’t stop there. I could pony up a name for most letters, even though some of the names I hit upon were people who are enemies, and although writing about them might have been fun, it probably would have also fired up an ulcer or two, which I can do without.

Then there were other letters that, for the life of me, I couldn’t come up with any name at all. Although I’ve used every letter in the alphabet in this post (as signified by the boldfaced letters), where names were concerned, I could think of a Z, but no Q, X or Y, among others.

Reluctantly, I’m dismissing the name theme altogether, but it leaves me in something of a quandary. What will be my A to Z theme? Ideas? Anyone?

April Fools Day is still a long way away, and my regular readers should consider themselves advised to schedule a monthlong vacation with no internet access.

As for me, I’m supposed to be planning, and I am — planning to suffer!


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  1. Ahh, if those are not the most adorable babies ever… 😉

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  2. What – no Quentin, Xavier or Yvonne? Good luck with the challenge – I look forward to seeing your solution to this conundrum!

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  3. See? That’s why I don’t participate in A to Z challenges. No way could I come up with ideas for 26 days in a month. I maybe could do it if the challenge ran over 26 months, but some months even that would be difficult.

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  4. Oh my, your E street boys are so adorable…what a great pic. Good luck with the challenge, Gnome. I wonder ??? ☺

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  5. The E Street Boys are so cute!!! I think Lizzie saved the day for your name theme!
    I will continue to live under my rock (of coral, that is, as it is under water) but will look forward to see what you will come up with for the challenge!

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  6. Jason Fredric Gilbert January 31, 2016 — 11:31 pm

    Bloggers are masochistic by nature…

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  7. Simple answer, interesting words in foreign languages. You’ll have many to choose from. go to lib. and get some foreign language books. Like How to speak Swahili.

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  8. You brave brave man. How about… Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

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  9. Hi there, This was a great post! New to blogging and A to Z I had no clue how big of a phenomenon this really is! I wanted to stop in and after this, I can’t wait to see your theme. I am following and I will see you again March 21st! Happy blogging! Best to you, Annette

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