You refuse to vote? WT actual F?

Tell the Selma, Ala., freedom marchers about how you won't vote because it's against your principles. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Tell the Selma, Ala., freedom marchers about how you won’t vote because it’s against your principles. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

My wife teaches elementary school, and she’s really good at it. That’s why I went to her to find out just when children are taught to vote. She assured me that the importance of voting is taught in kindergarten and continues to be pounded home right through high school.

That’s why I had to rethink what I was planning to write about people who say they’re not going to vote in the upcoming presidential election because they’re sick of this, tired of that, or feel hopeless about politics in general. I was going to say those people are like kindergartners throwing a tantrum, but in reality, that would have been unfair to kindergartners, who are a lot more on the ball.

I'm sure Britain's Ada Wright would love to hear your theory on why voting isn't important.
I’m sure Britain’s Ada Wright would love to hear your theory on why voting isn’t important.

Sadly, people who can’t be bothered to vote are nothing new, but I’ve been hearing it a lot more this year than ever before. Some people are saying, “If my candidate doesn’t win the nomination, I just won’t vote in the general election because it’s against my principles to vote for someone I don’t support.” I’ll admit that statement seems to have a noble ring, but if you listen closely, that ring is more like a dull clank.

Do you people not understand that democracy is all about compromise?

Do you not understand that if a general election comes down to a lesser-than-two-evils vote, then it’s your duty to pick the lesser of those two evils, your “principles” be damned?

Do you not understand that voter apathy is one reason why we have so many ignorant asshats already making crucial decisions in this country?

Do you not realize that the United States of America is the only superpower left in the world, and as a citizen of this country, you have a sacred responsibility to keep its incredible destructive power out of the hands of wall-building, nuclear-option maniacs?

You non-voters are like a guy who steps out of his car at the top of a big hill, puts it in neutral, then gives it a shove, allowing 4,000 pounds of steel to coast downhill before striking … whatever.

People have been beaten for the right to vote. People have died for the right to vote. But you . . . you spit on those people. When you fail to exercise your right to vote, don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re “principled.” At least own up to the reality that you’re nothing more than an irresponsible, ungrateful, selfish piece of shit.


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  1. Well put, in my opinion. Everyone needs to vote. Period.

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  2. Totally agree! If you have the right to vote, exercise it. Be heard.
    Not voting is actually a vote for what you don’t want!

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  3. This week I heard several prominent Republicans say that if the choice is between Trump and Hillary they will simply abstain. The only simple about that choice is the simpleminded thinking behind it. When our leaders are saying it, we really must ask WT Actual F? You’ve stated it perfectly.

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  4. Well said Glenn!

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  5. Jason Fredric Gilbert March 5, 2016 — 11:38 am

    I vote as many times as I can in each election

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  6. I agree whole-heartedly with what you wrote, but do wish you hadn’t felt the need to wrap it up with that scatological last sentence.

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