We’re gonna need a bigger wall!

Hypersexual Martian, left, and the Gorn.
Hypersexual Martian, left, and the Gorn.

Never mind that gunman Kyle Odom pumped six bullets into an Idaho preacher, posted a manifesto about hypersexual Martians, then tried to storm the castle by climbing the White House fence, people shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss him as a kook.

In fact, he might be closer to a Kirk than a kook, and all it takes is one look at his sketch of a Martian to see that maybe he’s onto something.

Odom might be forgiven for mistaking the Gorn for a Martian. He’s still a young guy, and perhaps not overly familiar with Federation history. However, if you’ve been around as long as I have, then you’re probably familiar with Capt. James Kirk’s epic battle with the malevolent Gorn, and will be quick to see Odom’s mistake.

It could be that Odom’s instincts were correct, and only his execution was flawed. He tried to take out the alien in preacher’s garb, but when that failed, he tried to alert the authorities, taking his concerns right to the top by alerting President Obama.

Even with advance warning of a Gorn invasion, I’m not liking the president’s chances. Obama is certainly no Kirk, and the fate of the world is hanging in the balance!

I love Obama, but he’s giving up a lot of weight to the Gorn. I don’t like his chances.

And what happens to Odom? Well, I hear Donald Trump is already searching for a running mate, and he could do a lot worse than tapping a pistol-packing man who is destined to be remembered as a modern-day Paul Revere. The United States might need to build an even bigger wall, one that stretches from the Mexican border all the way into interstellar space, and the Trump-Odom ticket just might be the men for the job.



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  1. You’re nuts. Certifiably.

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  2. Get thee to an optometrist, I say. Forthwith, I say. Thence taketh thyself to a psychiatrist.

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  3. Very Bizarre! We need a bubble, not a wall.

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  4. Jason Fredric Gilbert March 9, 2016 — 10:36 pm

    Your picture editing skills are out of this world!!

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