March 13: Happy birthday, Mot!


Happy birthday to my mother, Betty, who was known to my sister and I as Mot, though I’m not sure I remember exactly how that came about. She would have been 88 today.

I’ve already written about my mother extensively, and will write about her again in next month’s A to Z Challenge. Suffice it to say, everyone in her family misses her very much!


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  1. A lovely tribute to your mother! Wonderful photos!

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  2. She was quite a beauty. ☺ Nice to honor her this way.

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  3. Such a cute name. My mother’s b-day is 3/18!

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  4. I love old photos and your tribute. Strangely, I call my mother ‘Mod’…. coincidences, abound! (We seem to have a lot of those lol…)

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  5. I doubt we’ll ever know the whole story. All the principal players are dead, and any surviving aunts and uncles with firsthand knowledge are approaching senility. At any rate, I wrote about the whole thing here:


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