Thanks for your patience, now quit your whining!

Of course we’ve been busy! Did you think all the A-to-Z Challenge posts just write themselves?

A2Z-BADGE_[2016]All over the world, readers are clamoring for Roamin’ Gnomials content that has inexplicably been AWOL.

Fear not! Your cries have been heard, and a blitzkrieg of material is about to be unleashed upon you, the likes of which has not been seen since the Great Gnome Invasion of Madagascar in 1573.

Yes, the A-to-Z Challenge is almost here, and you’ll soon be getting such a liberal dose of Roamin’ Gnomials copy that you’re likely to choke on it. It all starts on April 1, which the more astute among you will recognize as also being April Fools’ Day.

What is the A-to-Z Challenge? Participating bloggers from all over the galaxy will be spewing forth 26 posts in alphabetical order — Monday through Saturday — for the entire month of April. We’re given Sundays off because the Geneva Conventions forbid inflicting that much punishment upon the reading public without allowing one day each week to recover.

Why do bloggers do it? Honestly, no one knows.

But whatever the reason, the gnomes and I have been writing our fingers bloody and storing up material in advance of the big day. I proposed writing this post to thank you for your patience, but gnomes have never been known for their courtesy, and they insisted that I simply tell you that you should all just quit your whining.

Stay tuned, stay wary, and be careful what you wish for! The A-to-Z Challenge is coming like a Death Star! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!




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  1. Looking forward to it! Seriously, why do we inflict this pain on ourselves? What possesses us to think that blogging like crazy people during April is a sensible thing to do? I’m madly writing away trying to get ready for Friday. I’ll be back to check in on you and the gnomes.

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  2. Henri and I are eagerly awaiting the 26 posts! I have stocked up on coffee, chocolate and flaugnarde (a French dessert favoured by gnomes).

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  3. I’m sure your favorite height-challenged copy editor in Bend, Ore., has stocked up on gin and Moon Pies ® in preparation for your A-to-Z onslaught. Your only fan in Houston, on the other hand, will check in from time to time as his hectic retirement calendar permits. (Suggestion: For your “R” entry, I’d go with pirates.)

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  4. Deborah Farrisi March 29, 2016 — 4:32 pm

    Is this going to be an A is for Apple kinda thing??

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