Guest post: What I’d want to see if I could come to America

Editor’s note:  Here in the Blogosphere, you get to meet some very nice people from all over the world, and today I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Ms. Sassy, who writes her very own blog, which is infinitely better than mine. Ms. Sassy hails from Mumbai, India, and one of the first things I noticed is her writing style, which is unfailingly effervescent and cheerful. Roamin’ Gnomials could use a little cheer, and that’s one reason I asked her to step in with a ray of sunshine by way of a guest post. Another reason is because I was too lazy to write anything myself! Now I can’t make Ms. Sassy’s dream of visiting America come true, but I can help her see what it might be like, with the help of some creative photoshopping! I’m forever in Ms. Sassy’s debt for agreeing to help me out, and also for meeting her deadline despite being sick the entire time she was writing.  Enjoy, and please don’t forget to follow her blog at!

Gnoming and roaming through America

By Ms. Sassy

Perhaps the best part about blogging is making friends. But what’s even better is making gnome friends!

Ms. Sassy, somewhere in India.
Ms. Sassy, somewhere in India.

I, Ms. Sassy, am happy to have befriended the gnomes, and the gnome-folk liked me so much they wanted me to join in the gnomery. That’s a lot of gnomes in one sentence! Actually, that’s A LOT of the unwieldy combination of the consonants “g” and “n” in one sentence.

Instead of writing a guest post like the dear gnomes asked me to, I went on a Google-spree, and here’s what I found out: There are just 67 words in the English language beginning with “gn.” Gneiss isn’t it? But before you gnash your teeth and navigate away, here’s another gnarly tidbit, there is such a thing as a WikiGnome. They are those sweethearts who write those oh-so-useful wiki articles and never clamour for attention. (I clamour for attention, therefore I cannot be a gnome 😦 )

And now let me stop procrastinating and get on with the real post! I’m Ms. Sassy. I live in Mumbai, India. I love books, cats, trees, the sea, cooking , reading, writing and so much more. My acquaintance with Glenn started a couple of weeks back over a blog post I’d written for my own blog. A few mails back and forth, and I had found myself a new pen friend. I happened to mention to Glenn that I have never been to the United States. All I know about America is through books and movies. That’s when Glenn thought it would be fun if I would write a post about the places I’d like to visit when/if I visit the United States.

So here’s my list of the Top 5 Places on my wish list:

1) National Parks
Ms. Sassy would love to play the role of wood elf in Great Sequoia National Park.
Ms. Sassy would love to play the role of wood elf in Sequoia National Park.

As many national parks as I can visit!  I love the fact that America has so many national parks. I also love that they are easily accessible and well-managed. Lucy Maud Montgomery says this in one of her books: “I couldn’t live where there were no trees — something vital in me would starve.” I feel exactly the same. I’d especially want to visit the Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and pretend to be a wood-elf amongst the giant sequoia trees.

2) Alaska
Ms. Sassy would love to drive a dogsled through Alaska, but would probably just hug a husky and forget to say, "Mush!"
Ms. Sassy would love to drive a dogsled through Alaska, but would probably just hug a husky and forget to say, “Mush!”

Something about the stark landscape and untamed forests calls out to me. Ever since I watched the Disney movie Balto, I’ve wanted to visit the place where it all happened. I want to meet a team of huskies, and say “Mush” to a dog. Knowing me though, I’d sooner cuddle and kiss the dog than let loose an authoritative “Mush!” The biggest attraction however, are the Northern Lights. (I do so wish they had a more magical name. I’d have named them Fairylights  or something.) If I had to pick one experience in the entire US of A, I’d choose the Northern Lights. They just seem sooo magical. Plus Alaska is the most sparsely populated state in America. For an introvert like me, it can’t get any better. In fact I might never want to go back!

3) The Appalachian Trail
If Ms. Sassy could hike the Appalachian Trail, she might get tired before completing all 2,000 miles!
If Ms. Sassy could hike the Appalachian Trail, she might get tired before completing all 2,200 miles!

About a year ago, I read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, and that’s when I decided to make the Appalachian Trail my foremost travel goal. I gave up on the idea when sanity returned and I realised that I never even walk to the next street without cribbing. Then again, Glenn wanted this to be a sort of dream list — no constraints of time or money — and I extend that to laziness. Laziness permitting, I’d love to do the Appalachian Trail!

4) The Southern States 
If she could visit the United States, Ms. Sassy would like to visit the Old South as a Southern belle.
If she could journey to the United States, Ms. Sassy would like to visit the Old South, and ponder life as a Southern belle.

This one’s inspired by Scarlett O’Hara. I’d love to see Atlanta and Charleston and New Orleans for the architecture and history. I’m a sucker for old-world charm, and I love the fabled romance and hospitality of the South. I might even pretend to be a pretty Southern belle inveigling a handful of charming beaus. Oh the stories I could dream up!

5) Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Ms. Sassy would feel right at home in Disney World or at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Ms. Sassy would feel right at home in Disney World or at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She not only wants a magic wand, she NEEDS one!

For someone who grew up on Disney and grew up with Harry Potter, you can’t not have this on the list. I NEED a wand, and I wouldn’t say no to some butterbeer either.

Beyond the Top 5

I’d decided to keep the list to five, but I realise I have left out so much. If I do visit the United States, I’d also want to visit Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, also the Grand Canyon, Washington D.C., and so many other places/attractions. But the top five are the ones I would hate to miss!

Also as a big and rather picky foodie, there’s a bunch of stuff I’d love to eat. Although I could get most of this here in Mumbai, I do so want to taste the real thing!

  • Salt-water taffy
  • Key lime pie
  • S’mores
  • A complete Thanksgiving dinner
  • Pumpkin pie

What else would you have me eat/visit if I were to visit America?



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  1. Hi Ms. Sassy! If I were to have a list of top 5 places to visit in America, mine would be similar to yours except I’d replace The Appalachian Trail with Hawaii 😀 I’d rather ride the waves than hike LOL If you were to visit America, you have to go to the supermarket! Any supermarket! Coming from an Asian country and walking into Kroegers (a supermarket in the US), I was awe struck with how HUGE it was! I could spend hours there. And I actually have haha so in between visiting your top 5 places, drop by the supermarket 🙂

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  2. Ms. Sassy, looks like you roamed the US of A in style!! 😀 Talking about style, something that aces that quotient is your high 😉

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  3. Reblogged this on Sass and Sauce and commented:
    Glenn of Roaming Gnomials asked me to do a guest post for him. I’d like to say that I’m extremely grateful for letting me do this, and I enjoyed writing every bit of it!

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  4. Thank you Glenn for all your kind words and the opportunity to join the ‘gnomery’ 🙂 I loved this post and the pictures. You’ve made it so much more interesting ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS: This is my first guest post ever and I'm super thrilled!

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  5. What a fantastic post. Firstly, Glenn, thanks for introducing us to Ms Sassy and her fun-loving nature and your pictures are super amazing! Secondly, thank you Ms Sassy for such an uplifting post. I do hope you get to visit America and fulfil all of those dreams. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a couple of times but didn’t manage to see half the things I wanted to. I must go back! However, I did manage to have several helpings of Key Lime Pie!! It is a touch of heaven on earth 🙂

    Thanks again to you both for a super uplifting post. Have a lovely week.

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  6. Well, Ms. Sassy, how could you come to North America and not visit romantic Niagara Falls! It’s only about 20 minutes from my house, and I would so love to take you there (American side) and then treat you to dinner after.

    PS: Your Photoshopping abilities are awesome – those photos look so real!

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  7. Oh, yay! I like both of you guys so this is fun. I live in a southern state not too far from the Appalachian Trail, and I always have the ingredients for s’mores on stock in my pantry. Let’s switch lives for a bit, Sassy, because I’ve always wanted to go to India lol.

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  8. TheMoonLitHowl May 11, 2016 — 9:52 am

    And if you come to Disney World you must let me know! I will soon be living on an hour and a half away from Disney World! I, too, LOVE Disney so I’m very excited about this! As for the Northern lights, they are also called ” aurora borealis”. Does that help? 🙂
    Loved your post, and agree with Roamin Gnomials about your writing style. As I’ve said before, you make me smile!

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  9. When you started your list I really felt Canada could win with the steal! We have majestic national parks, more trees than you could shake a stick at, snow and sled dogs and the Appalachian Mountains (the forest, the birds and the animals) continue right into beautiful New Brunswick and Quebec! But sadly we do not have Harry Potter World, and I’ve been there so I know for sure, it’s a terrible loss for Canadians. Although I do have a recipe for butter beer that I make at home for the kids. Now on the subject of food, I do suggest you do your Thanksgiving dinner with a Canadian. Americans stuff marshmallows into their food for Thanksgiving. What’s up with that?!?

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  10. Nice to meet you, Ms. Sassy! And welcome to Glenn’s Gnomic World. Great choices on where to visit. The US National Parks are celebrating their 100th anniversary. No trip to the US would be complete without a visit to the Empire State Building and having a hotdog at Nathan’s in Coney Island (located in Brooklyn, the 4th largest city in the US). 🙂

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  11. Welcome, Ms. Sassy. Like Glenn (a former newspaper colleague and friend of some 30 years), I am a Texan, and can’t believe he hasn’t put in a plug for the Lone Star State. Alaska claims to be the largest, but down here we feel that if it had to endure our heat Alaska would melt to the size of Rhode Island or Delaware, so consider their size brag as dubious. If you really want wide-open spaces, this is the place to be. Loving County, in far West Texas, encompasses 681 square miles and has a population — despite its name — of only 82 souls. You can do the math on how much room that would give you. Our urban areas, while perhaps not as crowded as Mumbai or Kolkata, can be daunting. I live in Houston, which is spread out over about 600 square miles, but in truth is made up of numerous smaller communities that have melded together over time. The traffic can be a challenge, I’ll admit, but our barbecue and Tex-Mex food can’t be beat. We have it all down here in Texas: mountains, plains, spectacular canyons, desert, rolling hills, pioneer settlements, spaceports, and nearly 370 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Come on down when you make it to America, and we’ll have you saying “y’all” before you know it.

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    • Hey, I didn’t write the guest post, I simply hosted it! If Ms. Sassy wants to visit Texas, then of course I will support that decision, and would gladly photoshop some new images of her at The Alamo. And while Houston does indeed have good barbecue and Tex-Mex, I can’t award it first place in either category. Best Tex-Mex is in my hometown of San Antonio, and the best barbecue is in the Hill Country around Austin. Having never been to Mumbai, I can’t say for certain how it compares with Houston, but I can’t imagine another big city would be high on her to-do list, though she DID say she’d like to see Manhattan, thereby shunning Morgaine du Mer’s favored borough of Brooklyn. If I were to escort Ms. Sassy to Texas, I’d make sure she visited San Antonio, then traveled west to Big Bend, since she does seem to prefer wide-open spaces, where the deer and the antelope play.

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      • If Ms. Sassy makes it to Texas, I’d suggest she take the Grapevine Vintage Railroad to the Forth Worth Stockyards. I did that years ago and it still remains one of the highlights of my stay in Texas 🙂

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      • So true Glenn.. I dislike big cities. I made an exception for Manhattan because of all the chick lit novels based out of the city. And Satc. I used to be so inspired by Carrie bradshaw and wanted to be journalist just like her!
        BTW I had such a good time reading everybody’s kind comments and advice on my post. I’m so touched. So here’s a big Thank You your way 🙂

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    • Thank you Aggie.. Sounds like I’d love Texas too. Mountains, plains and canyons, what’s not to like. And I quite like Texmex too.
      So expect me in Loving County y’all! Oops you already had me saying that!
      PS: Loving County is too cute a name..

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  12. This must happen only in the world of gnomes! I mean what are the chances of meeting an Indian blogger on an American blogger’s page 😉 Excellent photoshopping – cant believe they arent the real thing!

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  13. That was very well written and totally fun post 🙂
    Add Crater Lake , Glass Beach , CA 1 Highway Drive too to the list. They are all fun too.

    My number one was Grand Canyon and I got to do it during my first trip there. It was totally awesome.

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