Guest Post – What I’d want to see if I could visit India!

Road trip! Without ever leaving my easy chair, Roamin’ Gnomials takes a trip to India through the auspices of Ms. Sassy, for whom I wrote this guest post:

Sass and Sauce

Reader Dear, I’d like you to meet somebody special today – Glenn of Roamin’ Gnomials.
Bonus: You can ask him anything you like about gnomes. And magic. (Psst. He even has a mermaid friend.)
Glenn is a retired newspaper editor, settled in NJ, USA and has very graciously agreed to do a post for me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Not just because he writes such fun sassy stuff, but also because he’s such a good friend and someone I’ve started looking up to too. He gives me advice on life, and writing, and marriage and so much more. His blog is a treat to read. From gnomes to grandkids, you’ll find lots to interest you!  Here, you can go visit Glenn and the gnomes too ..
PS: Glenn is a little wary of offending any Indians that might read this. How sweet is that…

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  1. Until or unless Elon Musk builds an undersea hyperloop connecting the U.S. with the other side of the world, it’s doubtful that I’ll be going to India. I can, however, recommend some vicarious visits via video (How’s THAT for alliteration?): The PBS series “Indian Summers” is a fascinating drama set in 1932 during the final years of British colonial rule, and the 2011 films “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and its sequel, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” from 2015, are entertaining glimpses of modern India. I’d be intrigued by Ms. Sassy’s impressions of all three.

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    • We saw the first Marigold Hotel, but so far not the sequel. I’ll look for the PBS series.


    • Love the alliteration Aggie. I haven’t watched Indian Summers yet, I’m sure I’ll love it. I like period dramas in general. It probably is an accurate depiction of India in the colonial days, but things have changed so much in the last 70 or so years.
      Oddly I have only watched The Second Best. It is based and shot (I think!) in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I think the city of Jaipur is depicted pretty well. The city is full of old forts, palaces, and other monuments, mostly of Rajput/Mughal style architecture. Rajasthan had a number of princely states and has even now many royal families. The populace is also depicted well- as being quite uneducated, hard-working, in some cases dishonest, and in awe of the rich, foreign tourists. From a tourist’s point of view it is true, because the guides, hawkers, peddlars, small shop-owners, auto-rickshaw drivers etc are pretty much the only people tourists tend to interact with. So although there’s more to Jaipur and the people of Jaipur.
      I find Dev Patel extremely annoying in the movie. He’s a little slow on the uptake, hard-working, awkward, and sycophantic. Most portrayals of Indians in Hollywood are similar. Not all of us are so obnoxious 😛 I love Lilette Dubey in the movie. She plays Dev’s mother. She is a good representation of an urban educated woman.
      The problem with the portrayal of India in Hollywood is – it seems almost like an anachronism. It probably was very different a 100 odd years ago, but it isn’t the Land of Snake-charmers anymore!

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  2. I watched both the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies and absolutely loved them. Not too sure how accurate the movies are in terms of depicting life in India. FYI, the PBS series Indian Summer is actually filmed in Malaysia, and not India ;P

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  3. I#ve watched both the Marigold Hotel films too. Loved the stories! And of course Dame Judy Dench – my favourite actress ever. Great post!

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