Words about words


A loyal reader told me the other day that my anniversary was coming up. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it. WordPress confirmed it today with the little badge I’ve reproduced up above. Two years of blogging! Who woulda thunk it!

My loyal reader — who is now more than a reader, but also a friend — told me I should write something to mark the occasion. Yes, I guess I should.

Looking back at my first post, I was skeptical that blogging was for me. I was an old-time print journalist, highly suspicious of blogs and downright contemptuous of writing that is devoid of paper and ink. When I quit newspapering, it was not just because the business was dying, but also because the words within me were already dead.

Or so I thought.

The persistence of a few relatives and friends (you know who you are) revived a part of me that wasn’t quite dead, but was definitely on life support. Paper and ink may still be a big part of who I am, but more important are the words, and I’ve decided that pixels just might be enough.

Blogging reminded me of who I am. I’ve always written, except for that brief period when I didn’t. I was almost left for dead. I’m thankful to those who held a mirror to my lips and detected life, for without you, I might never have found my way back.

Thanks also to those of you who read. Blogging wouldn’t be half as much fun without you.

Finally, thanks to those of you who write. You provide the daily inspiration for me to try and produce something half as clever, half as substantial as what you already have done.

So I guess that’s it, a bit more melodramatic than I intended, but sincere all the same.

Take care everybody, and, well, thanks.



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  1. Happy Blogversary 🙂 Here is to many more year of blogging!!!

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  2. Badges? We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!

    But congratulations anyway. It’s good to know that you have something to keep you out of pool halls and Portagee sailor bars.

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  3. Yay! Happy Anniversary! I don’t remember WordPress ever letting me know it’s our anniversary with a badge though…If you have words, you have words! It’ll never die!

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  4. Congratulation! Wow 2 years old – Happy blogging 😀

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  5. somedays-you make my day! keep blogging for more than a bit.

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