Behold the ‘new’ party of Lincoln

A screen shot of a woman's protest sign, "Stop Racism. Stop Hate." being covered by brownshirts at the Republican National Convention.
Republican brownshirts attempt to cover a woman’s sign with the American flag during the Republican National Convention. The sign read, “No Racism, No Hate.”

UnknownAbraham Lincoln would be spinning in his grave over the political party that bears his name

At one point during the Republican National Convention and the official anointing of Donald J. Trump as that once-proud party’s standard bearer, television cameras caught something I thought I’d never see, and hope never to see again.

When a woman protester unfurled a banner that read, “No Racism. No Hate,” Republican operatives moved in, attempting to cover the banner with the American flag. Another person attempted to snatch the banner out of the woman’s hand:

Oh, Party of Lincoln, how far have you fallen!

Even though I am not a Republican (perhaps ESPECIALLY because I am not a Republican), I feel deep shame as I watch the GOP brownshirts close in. That’s MY flag they’re using to try and extinguish a protester’s right to free speech. That’s MY flag they’re using to try and stamp out a message promulgated by President Abraham Lincoln when he opened the Gettysburg Address by saying:

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.”

For those on whom the symbolism is lost, I suppose it’s too late for you. For the rest of you who love your country, and who love its citizens no matter their color or sexual orientation, then do something about it!

The political party that would squash free speech with the American flag, and feels that a condemnation of racism and hate is inappropriate for its convention, is a political party that must not be allowed into the White House, and should be purged from the halls of Congress.

As an American, I am frightened and appalled. As an American, you should be, too.


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  1. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Trump’s convention, but did see that video posted earlier on Facebook. Beyond appalling.


  2. I’m not an American – but a UK citizen, reeling from the referendum result that means we will be leaving the EU and from the shame of one of the principal architects of this disaster now being installed as our Foreign Secretary and buffooning his mendacious way around the world on our behalf. Some very unhappy people in the UK have cut off all our noses to spite the faces of the elite. And proved that stupid can win.
    As a citizen of this world, I am terrified of what may happen if Trump is elected

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