A bit of recognition


Roughly three weeks ago, I posted something about having writer’s block. One of my longest-tenured readers had this to say in the comments:

“You need to start visiting graveyards again. That’s where you are at your best!”
— Occraz

Only veteran Roamin’ Gnomials readers knew what he was talking about, because most of my graveyard-visitation material has been moved to my alternate site, A Year in the Death of One Man, where it can finally rest in peace. But the funny thing about Occraz’s comment is that apparently he’s not the only one who thinks a graveyard is where I’m at my best.

I was surprised and humbled today to learn that the article I wrote for Inside Jersey magazine, which summarized my yearlong project, has been named a finalist for an Eddie Award in the 2016 national Folio Awards contest.

Of course I haven’t actually won anything yet, but being named a finalist is honor enough, and I won’t pass up the opportunity to pump some new life into an old project.

Even if this is as far as I get in the competition, I’m already deeply indebted to Rosemary Parrillo,  the editor of Inside Jersey, for thinking enough of my whacked-out meditations on death to ask me to write the article. When Rosemary first approached me, I was at a low point with the project, which just didn’t seem to be attracting the readership I thought it deserved. Rosemary and I once worked in the same office, and although our paths crossed infrequently, she knew me well enough to slap me upside the head (electronically) and remind me that page views and a dearth of comments was no reflection on quality. She didn’t know it then, but that little bit of encouragement really helped.

Although the magazine article itself is not available on my site, the original material that it summarizes is still buried deep in the bowels of WordPress. If you haven’t already done so, please check it out.



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  1. Super proud of you dad! Good luck!

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  2. Congratulations! Being nominated as a finalist is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve never been nominated for anything!

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  3. Congratulations!!! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations!

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  5. Congratulations!


  6. So, not only are you an award (Liebster) winning blogger but also an Eddie Award 2016 Finalist! 😀 How will you celebrate this momentous occasion???

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  7. Congratulations! This is big – I have never ever even come on an award list 😀

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  8. Excellent news – and well deserved! Good luck and enjoy the process 🙂

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  9. You deserve. OK, now start another one. How abt guessing whats going one in the minds of your customers/ are you still working? If not, try the mall . follow people to see what they buy. I’ll help bail you out when the guards pick you up. Ha.

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  10. very good my friend.!!

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  11. We are so very proud of you down here in Texas! You deserve tons of accolades – you are an extremely gifted writer!

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