Voices: Change and progress not always the same thing


Editor’s note: I once had a couple of million regular readers, but I sense those numbers are down by a few hundred thousand, thanks in part to my recent stream of politically charged material. I just can’t seem to help myself, so I’ve decided to seek some outside assistance. Voices is a new occasional series in which Americans express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better. Today, we’re again stepping outside America, this time to India.


I am not sure how many of you know me, but I am an Indian woman, currently residing in Bangalore, who isn’t very much interested in the statistics of politics, but definitely interested in the impact it has on the common man. In India we follow a parliamentary democracy, and for us, a prime minister is more important. Most of us here are of the opinion that a president is not a big deal at all. I am always fascinated how a president is ‘the deal’ in America. I haven’t given much attention to their electoral process until this year. It was definitely interesting if not intimidating. For the first time ever I managed to watch almost 30-45 mins of the presidential debates when I am not even interested in anything of that sort. I thought our politicians give us the much needed entertainment. But Trump trumps it all, at least for now. And let us hope no one else succeeds him.

The general mood here in India with Trump winning the presidency is that he will help us in our fight against Pakistan, and so people were jubilant. But that is just one aspect of it. We still don’t know how the trade deals will be handled. They hardly care for the kind of man he is or what he believes. I keep hearing that this election showed the anger of the common people against the elites, that it showed that the people wanted a change, but I am not sure if they knew if the change was for their own good or not and rather decided to wing it and see if it would work for them. This isn’t a board game. Everyone’s decision is going to impact the future of a country and its relationships with other countries, too. I don’t know the full history of Clinton’s scandals, nor do I know the background of Trump. But just from what I witnessed during this campaign, I hoped that people wouldn’t let him be chosen. And I am sorry that he was. I don’t know much about the parties involved but as a candidate he wasn’t what I expected from a country like the USA.

As I did say on my post in my blog, I am not sure what his presidency would mean for my gay friends who were married in U.S., last year. I was there to witness their marriage and was overcome with emotion that they could have a life in a country which accepts them, unlike ours. Now, I am not sure. This election showed how people will accept anyone who spouts so much of BS and sell it as a virtue of being not politically correct amongst the bunch of politically correct fraternity. All because they wanted a change. He does represent change, but only to take your country backwards, with his views on women, races etc. What kind of example does he set, given that he hasn’t filed his tax returns and called himself smart; he constantly complained the system is rigged and when he won he called it a fair election; he called women names and got away with it. Every time he called Crooked Hillary, I wish someone had called him Shitty Trump but alas they were trying to be polite and Michelle Obama refused to even say his name in her speeches. How classy of her.

I am not sure how people thought he could fulfill all that he had promised them. I have a simple doubt which I would like someone to clarify it for me. He says he is going to  construct the wall. Given that he owns construction business, don’t you think that he will give his company the contract and get paid for it, no matter who pays (and I am sure Mexico isn’t going to be paying for that). And do you think that him taking only 1$ as salary is true? I wrote a post on how the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (my home state) said the same thing long long ago except that it was in rupees, and she somehow amassed close to 66 crores in wealth. There is a case that has being going on for years now investigating the same with no end to it. There is a funny meme going around in Tamil right now involving Trump and Jayalalitha, expressing that she is the headmaster of the school to where he is just a student. And he already said ‘no blind trust,’ because he is a businessman first and foremost. He wouldn’t trust politics and he would not leave his business for its sake.

The whole election process, I felt, was somehow to prove to himself that he could win. I felt that it was a matter of pride for him rather than doing something for the country. I hope that I am wrong in that aspect. But if I am not, then I am sorry. He has already started to backpedal on some of those same issues he had voiced strongly about during his election campaign. God only knows what is going on in his mind, which isn’t a good thing when it comes to the person who is responsible for the country. At least we will get a glimpse of it every now and then through this Twitter feed (and more if he is provoked enough)and I don’t even have to be his follower to have fun from the responses his tweets would generate. The late shows do not have to look any further than him for their materials, which is a sad state of affairs.

I remember this quote at this juncture (pardon me for not remembering the author of the quote) “Change for change sake does not always result in progress,” and this is exactly what I feel I should tell those people who voted for him. As some one who is so far away and still concerned for the country I loved traveling to frequently and where I have lot of friends, I say “God bless and Good Luck America.”

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  2. KG, A really interesting perspective. I think you are spot on. He did run to see if he could win, not because he really wants to lead. He has an enormous ego and telling people what they wanted to hear and hearing them cheer him on helped massage that ego. Now the hard part. He actually has to try to lead. And he has no idea how to do it. He has no moral compass and no core values. A really scary combination.

    I really liked your quote:”Change for change sake does not always result in progress”. No truer words were ever written. America was already great. No one really knows what he has in store to make it “greater”. I’m afraid that the change some people just voted for is going to make us much less so.

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