Surviving my latest trip to the mailbox


When I opened the mailbox and took out the large manila envelope and spied the address label from my former employer, I imagined the worst, someone had finally decided to start meddling with the pension that I haven’t even started taking yet!

img_1708But when I feverishly tore open the envelope, out came two copies of Inside Jersey magazine with the latest article of mine to be published there, and also a certificate I’d won in the 2016 national Folio Awards contest, which covered the summary article I’d written — also for Inside Jersey  — on my Year in the Death of One Man series. I only won an Honorable Mention, but seeing as how it’s a nationwide competition, I still felt honored.

Many thanks again to Rosemary Parrillo and the rest of the crew at Inside Jersey for making me look good!

The latest magazine article was previously published on Roamin’ Gnomials, and may be read HERE.



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  1. Yay! You received an honourable mention certificate! 😀

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  2. Holy crow! Cool!

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  3. Ooooh! Very good! That is so cool 🙂 I loved that article.

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  4. November 28, 2016 — 10:51 pm


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  5. congrats. hope you aren’t gonna be too cool to communicate with us mere mortals.

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  6. Congrats! You deserve more awards!

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  7. Janice Carter Brown November 30, 2016 — 12:25 am

    Congrats, mon ami. Well done.

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