Voices: Nobody likes a sore winner

Editor’s note: I once had a couple of million regular readers, but I sense those numbers are down by a few hundred thousand, thanks in part to my recent stream of politically charged material. I just can’t seem to help myself, so I’ve decided to seek some outside assistance. Voices is a new occasional series in which Americans express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better.


12243016_10153267305727683_1983256341329231651_nEvents of the weekend provided a bit of a lift for those of us who are still dumbfounded by the results of the election. I thought the idea of challenging the result was foolish and petulant, and if I didn’t say so it was because I abhor a sore loser just about as much as anyone.

I am, in fact, a longtime sore loser. I love March Madness, but I hate it at the same time because I know I’m going to see my Houston Cougars losing on a last-second dunk in the NCAA tournament just like back in the day. A few months ago, I taped the ESPN 30 for 30 movie, Phi Slamma Jama. When I got around to watching it, I stopped at the lead-in to that game. I just can’t look.

But I digress.

When questions began to arise about vote totals and possible mismanagement of the vote, I thought, “Show me some reason to believe in this.”

So they showed me the U.S. government’s belief that Russia was fiddling with the election, and that was after Trump — in what was perhaps a Giuliani-type big-mouth moment — invited Russian intelligence to dig up stuff on Hillary Clinton. Then they showed me the numbers out of the major swing states that all seemed to show Hillary Clinton’s lead in each state dissolving late on Election Night. Then they showed me the behavior of the Trump supporters in the aftermath, and I thought that resembled the behavior of the Nazis after they won power in Germany in 1933.

Still, I thought I was just being sensitive, so I kept quiet. And then the weekend happened.

Jill Stein started her drive for recounts, which is interesting but doesn’t really amount to much. But then Donald Trump set off the alarms.

Trump, who said that the election was rigged until he appeared to win it, couldn’t help himself. He declared that, yeah, he won the Electoral College vote — and would have won the popular vote, too, if only they’d thrown out the votes of illegal immigrants.

So okay, we can’t just let that slide, can we?

If you care about this country, Donald, then you must want us to have clean elections, right? We don’t want people voting who have no right to vote, but wouldn’t that include the Russians, too? So let’s go after them, and to do that, we might need to do a complete recount!

But I’ll settle right now for a look at the swing states.

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  1. He never fails to amuse and he hasn’t even started his term yet. What a doofus! What any confident and sane politician would do is to ask them to go ahead and support it so that they can realize how he won fair and square. If he has nothing to fear or hide, why behave like a three year old whose candy was snatched by another kid. No one said he lost (at least not yet). These recounts may not amount to anything…but at least it will tell the people that the system wasn’t hacked. Don’t think any form of democracy is his priority and well, we all know if he lost, he would definitely lose it.

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