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A wonderful piece of writing by another writer, which I’m pleased to repost here. Comments are disabled here, but I hope my readers will say kind things on, and consider following her blog, which is richly deserving of your support. Thanks!

_dsc0144My mom died on July 7th 2016.  My birthday was July 26th and my wedding anniversary was July 28th.  On my mom’s desk in her room, sat two cards, one addressed to me and one addressed to me and my husband.  She had already bought cards for my birthday and our anniversary.  She already wrote notes inside, sealed the envelopes, and had them waiting to give to us almost a month later.

Later, when I cleaned out her room, I found Christmas gifts for me and my children hidden under her bed.  For me, a necklace made of 3 sunflowers, my favorite flower, strung together by a silver chain.  For my children, their favorite toys, My Little Pony and Minecraft.  They don’t know it yet, but come Christmas day, under our tree will be the last gifts from their grandmother.  I’m not sure how that will be received.  Will it…

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