Voices: Who are these people who inflicted Trump upon us?

Editor’s note: Voices is a new occasional series in which guest writers  express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better.


12243016_10153267305727683_1983256341329231651_nOne thing I’m tired of hearing on progressive talk radio: Seemingly erstwhile Bernie Sanders supporters calling in to chide the rest of us for picking a loser in the election.

Their main point: Hillary was just too untrustworthy.

So the Bernie voters ignored Mr. Sanders when he told them she was the best candidate and that they needed to vote for her because their country was depending on them. They preferred to cast their lot with the guy whose lies were running at about 70 percent of content every time he opened his mouth.

That leaves us to ponder who these people might be, and I have a couple of guesses.

  • They might be political neophytes, not yet fluent in politics. They think that if their favored candidate doesn’t win, then to hell with it, they can go home. They have yet to learn that you can’t burn down the village in order to save it. That’s a reference, kids, to the Vietnam War. (Google it.) According to Wikipedia, Ben Tre was a provincial capital in southern Vietnam that was nearly destroyed by Allied (American) bombing during the battle for the city, and that’s were an unnamed U.S. officer said “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.” Reports of U.S. assaults, and resulting casualties, on civilians in the city called into question U.S. war aims. The operation became a valuable propaganda victory for the Vietnamese insurgency. If our Trump-voting fellow citizens will pay attention over the coming days — and that’s a big if — they might yet realize they helped the wrong person into the White House.
  • They might also be people who were never Democrats in the first place. Perhaps they were Republicans who were either interested only in derailing the Hillary Clinton nomination or were just hoping for a more palatable choice (to them) than Mr. Trump. Remember that Mr. Sanders, while caucusing in the Senate with the Democrats, had been cagey about whether or not he was a member of the party. His supporters proudly proclaimed “Bernie of Bust,” and that doesn’t sound to me like they were Democrats.

So we’ll have to wonder just who the people are who turned our country over to a narcissistic autocrat who — if he’s ever read a book in his life — had to have read books to him about Adolf Hitler’s tactics before he came to power.

I guess they showed us! These spiteful people might have never been Democrats, and it doesn’t seem likely they’ll join the party. Much will depend on how bad the next four years turn out to be. But I wouldn’t go counting on people who voted for Donald Trump to swing the political scales back to the Democrats anytime soon.

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