Voices: Tracking the latest bee from Trump’s bonnet

Editor’s note: Voices is an occasional series in which guest writers express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better.


12243016_10153267305727683_1983256341329231651_nI recall during the presidential campaign telling people it seemed impossible to counter the now president-elect on anything. From day to day, Donald Trump was going to say things so nonsensical that keeping up with his ramblings, threats and musings was nearly impossible.

Every time the media tried to catch up to him on anything, he had moved on to something else just as outrageous, or perhaps even more so. And now he’s back at it as his date with the Oval Office bears down on us.

Trump has something new to say every day because he’s a headline addict. President Barack Obama has set his final remarks to the nation for Jan. 10, but I guarantee you on Jan. 9, the president-elect is going to say something to distract the media, and by no later than Jan. 11, he’ll say something else to grab the attention back from Obama.

This is going to be the reality of the next four years. Those of us on the progressive side will never get used to it, while those Americans who hopped into bed with the Ku Klux Klan, Vladimir Putin and rogue agents from the FBI will be just fine.

Or will they?

I’ve noticed in recent weeks a falloff in the postings of trolls who besieged progressive sites during the campaign. It makes me wonder if they are sated and have gone off to grab something else, or if buyer’s remorse has already begun to set in.

Each day we wonder what bee will come buzzing out of Trump’s bonnet. The president-elect has attacked our intelligence agencies and professed to believe Putin’s claims that Russia was not involved in hacking the election. He has trumpeted the remarks of Julian Assange, who he once suggested deserved “something like a death penalty or something,” but now deems him more trustworthy than our own intelligence community.

Republican members of Congress on Wednesday stood up for America. They ripped into the Wikileaks founder, and they endorsed our intelligence community. That was the smartest thing they’ve done since the election.

Here’s something to keep in mind: When a certain segment of the American populace has finally had its fill of Trump’s antics, the GOP will be called upon to fix the problem. Since Republicans are already in bed with the guy, it will be up to them to perform any intervention, even if that means impeaching him and pushing the claim that they’ve just acted to save the republic.

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