Voices: All this will make one helluva book

Editor’s note: Voices is an occasional series in which guest writers  express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better.


12243016_10153267305727683_1983256341329231651_nI highly recommend a book called Nut Country. The title comes from a statement purportedly made by President John F. Kennedy on the morning he died. “We’re heading into nut country,” he said.

So, Nut Country details the fevered imaginings of rightwing pundits and crackpots, who even in the mid-‘50s were telling us that the Democrats would sell us out to the Soviets and make us all slaves.

And now it might have happened. But here’s the joke: It was the right-wingers who did it!

None of us saw that coming, I can tell you. I mean, even when I was approaching puberty, I thought that was the most foolish stuff to be saying, but in Dallas in the ‘50s, it was as common as construction.

unknownAnd the reaction is amazing. A Letter to the Editor of The Dallas Morning News recently thanked “Vladimir Putin and any other foreign leader who I believe helped confirm the corruption of Hillary Clinton.” Google being what it is, I looked that letter-writer up, and the gentlelady appears to be a year older than me. I haven’t met her, but I’m betting she has a Kool-Aid smile.

Never mind that Hillary Clinton has never been indicted for anything. Republican-led congressional panels grilled, roasted her and griped that because they couldn’t find a way to get her, then it was obvious there was a cover-up going on.

Other letters have pointed out that the intelligence community got it wrong in Iraq, so we can’t necessarily trust them now. That looks a little like they want to have it both ways, and that’s before you consider that the W administration cherry-picked the intelligence in order to make a case for war.

Progressives knew what was going on then, but couldn’t get on television to make the case that it was a bogus war. Now we have to wait and see if they’ll be able to get on television at some point to make the case that there is too much intimacy between the president-elect and the Russian government, and it seems like every day there is a new thread that needs to be tugged.

Today’s story is of a resurfaced tape of an interview from 2015, where the president-elect talked of having pet Mr. Putin “a long time ago.” Which is all well and good, but last year in the middle of the campaign he said he had never met the leader of Russia.

I’m not surprised that he forgets what he lies about. But someone is going to write a helluva book about all this. And you’ll know it’s true when the president-elect says, “it never happened.”

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