Enter The Shinbone Star


Recognizing that a spate of political diatribes was not the original mission of Roamin’ Gnomials, I will slowly be moving that content to a new site called The Shinbone Star.

Although I’ll be heading up this new venture, I’m enlisting the support of some of my former colleagues who are dead-set against the Trumpian Menace now wreaking havoc against American core values. In other words, I won’t be writing ALL of the new material there, which increases the possibility that some of it will actually be coherent.

If you share our concern, please follow the link above (or the one below) and consider giving it a Like and a Follow. As for Roamin’ Gnomials, it’ll soon be getting back to lighter-hearted fare, depending on how light-hearted I feel, which considering all that’s going on lately, hasn’t been very often.

Thanks for your support both here and at The Shinbone Star.



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  1. I look forward to reading many, more of your insightful, thoughtful blog posts!

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