The thank-you note, an American Standard

Even at age 60, once in awhile something comes along that I haven’t seen before, and it makes me smile. Like the thank-you note my wife received earlier this week.

Let me explain.

A week ago today, we hosted my wife’s friend and her husband, who had requested an emergency overnight stay here after their previous arrangements fell through. I’ll admit there was a bit of hustle and bustle with the sudden house cleaning and grocery shopping, but we have plenty of space in this big old house, and were happy to accommodate.

Their stay came off without a hitch, and we enjoyed the company.

Something we’ve noticed over the years is that many among the younger generation seem to lack basic social skills, like thanking people who have given them a gift, or gone out of their way to offer an assist. But since our guests were old like us, we were not surprised when my wife received a nice e-mail of thanks.

The content, however, was a bit of a head-scratcher.

Of all things, our guests were most impressed with our upstairs toilet which, for the record, is an American Standard brand with the elongated bowl.

After returning to their home in a state far west from here, the note says that the elderly gentleman was so enamored of our shitter that he went out and bought a duplicate model and had it installed.

What can I say other than we are flushed with pride!


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  1. I have a theory that non elongated bowls are all designed by clueless women.

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  2. That last sentence is awesome! Those elongated toilets are nice. I was going to put one into my newly renovated bathroom, but the room was too small to accommodate it so we had to get one with the regular round bowl.

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  3. I was paging through one of my wife’s back copies of HGTV Magazine yesterday and saw that American Standard now has a self-cleaning model, and it comes in both bowl shapes.

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  4. Wow. I guess imitation IS the highest form of flattery. 🙂

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  5. As far as I’m aware, no American standard here. But I’ll start lurking in toilet stalls and will update ;P

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  6. follow me please i m new here


  7. I had no idea elongated toilets were a thing until I read this. Are there other shapes of toilet? Who comes up with these and why? There’s a worrying possibility I’m going to spend the next hour googling toilet shapes.

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