Roamin’ Gnomials: The best of a bad lot

With tons of new readers and more arriving every day, I’ve been under a lot of pressure to produce. I mean, hell, of course you’re expecting lots of fresh material to justify the expenditure of energy from hitting that Follow Button, right?

My mind finally eased, however, after I realized that the blog post that ultimately earned me my Big Blue WordPress Discover Badge was the one that explained why I hadn’t been around much, which kinda says that going missing — at least in my own case — isn’t always a bad thing.

That’s why I decided that for this post, I wouldn’t write anything new, precisely, but something new featuring something old. Let me explain.

See, I’ve written an awful lot already here at Roamin’ Gnomials, and although it’s a reader’s natural prerogative to ask, “Well what have you done for me lately?” I think that’s wasteful.

I understand that you might be reluctant to go digging through my cellars in search of buried treasure, and that’s why I decided to put on my hip-waders and go sloshing through the sludge myself, and let me tell you, it stinks down there!

But what I’ve come up with is my very own Roamin’ Gnomials Top 10. It’s not a Top 10 in terms of Likes, Views, Comments or any other traditional measure of success, but a Top 10 that I think is my best stuff, from a writing perspective.

Although Roamin’ Gnomials is rooted in silliness, you’ll soon see that my favored material is of the serious and introspective sort, although there is one humorous post that comes in at Number 10. Of course you don’t have to agree with my selections, but maybe you will, and there’s no way of knowing until you give them a try.

Just to freshen things up a bit, I’m going to write a brief paragraph for each item in the list before providing the link to the original. So without further delay, let’s count ’em down . . .

Number 10

Okay, I’ll admit it, I had a little help in selecting this one, but it was a fun post to write, and I’ll never think of dental hygiene in quite the same way. Could be you won’t either.
‘Help! My Toothbrush is a Bitch’

Number 9

The title is not exactly original, and neither are the thoughts since lots of people get nostalgic during the holidays. But it felt good to share the reasons why we wrap our trinkets up so carefully each year.
Ghosts of Christmas Past

Number 8

Probably the most painful post I’ve ever written, and it makes me hurt in the pit of my stomach when I think about all that I shared. But there was something compelling about it, too.
Fathers and Sons, Football, Love and Ice Redux

Number 7

Although this was a political post — something that ultimately led to the creation of my other blog — there are aspects to it that are not as angry as my usual diatribes. I write what I feel at the time that I feel it, and on that day I was feeling more uplifted, perhaps, than I had a right to be.
Riding the Pussy-hatted Rollercoaster

Number 6

I participated in the 2016 Blogging from A-Z Challenge, which I devoted to the special people in my life, but K had me stumped, so I had to take a different approach, and was pleased with the result.
K is for Keith

Number 5

It was just a junky piece of furniture that I was getting rid of, but then I realized that it was something more.
At the End of a Useful Life

Number 4

Another entry from the 2016 A-Z Challenge, a post about my grandmother intertwines with the ticking of the clock on my mantle.
N is for Nana

Number 3

Not to be outdone, my Pawpaw also drew my attention during the 2016 A-Z Challenge.
P is for Pawpaw

Number 2

When a madman murdered a bunch of people at a black church in Charleston, S.C., I took it personally.
A Word for the Old South

Number 1

When my adult son spent his birthday far from home and deep beneath the sea, it made me think of all the things I’d tell him if I could.
Happy Birthday, Baby Boy


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  1. I’m game. I’ll try again to post a comment. Haven’t been able to lately. Here goes.

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  2. I’m glad to see that the No. 10 post made the list 😀 But what about the squatty potty post??? That was a gem too!

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