When writing doesn’t help

Well-meaning people keep reminding me that I should write something, that during my prolific period here on Roamin’ Gnomials, my musings had been pretty good, even entertaining. I gained a lot of followers.

My wife, friends, even my therapist said so, though the therapist, at least, knew none of the specifics about talking toothbrushes, pipe diapers and, of course, the gnomes I used to write about so frequently.

Yes, that’s right, I had a one-off with a therapist after mentioning to my regular doctor that I was feeling kinda meh about my life and pessimistic about future prospects. And that was even before finally contracting the case of Covid-19 that I’d long avoided. I’ve recovered – thanks for asking – because I’m not an anti-vaxxer, though being sick with the rona did nothing to improve my outlook.

So yeah, I met with a therapist and when she asked what was troubling me, I told her that Trumpers were still troubling me a great deal, that every bumper sticker, every Trump banner and every “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate that I see sends my blood pressure through the roof.

Hey, the therapist might have been a Trumper herself for all I knew, but she was too professional to say, nor did I expect her to confess. I said what I said and she didn’t flinch. Instead, she asked me what I liked to do.

I told her I once got a lot of enjoyment out of writing my blog, and that my first blog had morphed into an anti-Trump blog that had run its course. And while it’s true that The Shinbone Star has run its course, my anger never did.

What changed was the realization that no matter how much I expressed my anger through writing, there would always be more. Where anger over Trump and Trumpism is concerned, I have an inexhaustible supply.

For expressing that anger I paid a price. Call it a self-inflicted wound. Call it punishment for following the dictates of my heart.

My vitriol reflected right back to me, and although I still don’t care that racists got their noses out of joint when I called them what they are, there were also those who, despite being on the side of good, felt I should have put on kid gloves, pulled my punches, and made allowances for those whose vote for a racist and racist policies might not mean that they themselves are racists.


Well, I know how I feel about attempts to rationalize that question but must acknowledge that others feel differently.

But here it is, 2022, and Joe Biden sits in the White House. One presumes that I should just forget about all that went before; pretend it never happened; even apologize for being so mean.

The therapist and other people want the old me resurrected and they think writing is the key. Even I admit it sounds like a good idea.

They want me to write about more “Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy” (Trump excluded), or some of the other nutty topics this blog once explored. They want my “gift for words” to make them smile again, conveniently forgetting that that same gift can also make them bleed.

Against my better judgment, I sat down today to make a good-faith effort. I wanted to make them happy; I wanted to turn back the clock. I wracked my brain for something sufficiently frivolous to say. Instead, this is what came out. I don’t think I can control it anymore.

Do I really have a gift for words? If indeed I ever did, I think it has turned into a curse.

A gift, surely, would make me less an old fool and more the magician people want me to be.


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  1. Yes! By all means write out those feelings and let the critics go by the wayside. I know I’m vocal on my blog and my attitude is a probably selfish take it or leave it but at least I’ve gotten it off my chest for a while. So go for it! 👍🏻

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  2. You are not alone, my friend. I often feel much the same way.

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  3. you have a deft touch awright, Glennr. I enjoy reading your writing

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  4. You’ve had a really interesting career, Cuz. Write about that. Or about your days as a Daily Texan editor. Or how much you loved your yellow Toyota (the one I remember seeing the first time I met you!). “Snippets in the Life of Glenn R.” Stay tuned to my musings. I’m totally open to teaming up with you once I get the ball rolling.

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  5. I completely understand and I could even emphasize if I could at least crank out something

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  6. Glenn, I am so sorry that you feel like you are in a dark place but in case you don’t already know, your writing always brightens my day and brings me joy. Don’t let Trump and the MAGA’s bring you down. They’re not worth it! They are vocal but they are in the minority. They will not prevail. We’ll kick their ass in 2022 just like we did in 2020. Maybe find something else that brings you joy if writing is too hard right now. Or you could always plan a trip out to Nebraska. Can’t believe it is the only state you’ve never been to and you have a free place to stay and I’ll have a cold Shiner waiting for you. 🙂

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  7. Dude if you write it I’m gonna fuckin read it. Give us more!

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  8. i hope you consider therapy more than a one-off. it’s helped both me and john and countless friends of mine immensely.

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  9. My gosh, you nailed it I disappeared for almost a year for many of the same reasons and I am sliwly finding my way back. Despite the popular myth swinging around, writing isn’t cathartic. For me, anyway lol. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and I look forward to reading more if you choose to write. I happen to think you’re a fantastic writer and will continue to feel inspired to write (inconsistently of course). Stsy well my friend!

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  10. I’ve valued your writing in both of your blogs and hope that you will continue to post. I will be reading whatever you have to say.
    I’m with you on the difficulty of feeling terrifically positive. In the UK, we are still in the tunnel and the light I took in with me feels pretty dim at times, even as the light at the end never seems to get closer.
    Sending all good wishes to you and the Band of Brothers-and-Sisters of the Shinbone Star, too.

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