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IMG_1447My name is Glenn Redus, and I was an editor at major metropolitan newspapers for 33 years. If I learned one thing during my newspaper career, I learned when to get the hell out, so once they’d paid me a lot of money to leave, I decided that working part-time for a Big Orange home-improvement retailer would be just the ticket.

This blog provides me with the creative outlet that is absent in my new line of work. As I said in my original tagline. I now write whatever I want, whenever I want, for no money whatsoever. Stick around and you’ll see that my interests go far beyond gnomes. In fact, you won’t find an insufferable amount of gnomery here, which was as good a reason as any for me to name the site what I did. Makes sense, right?

I am a Native Texan, now exiled to New Jersey for more than 20 years and counting. I now live in Virginia, and if all goes as planned, it’ll be my last stop before the cemetery. I have a wife, three grown children and six grandchildren. Sooner or later I’ll embarrass every last one of ’em.

At the bottom of this page is a contact form. Use it if you want, and if you’re polite, I’ll probably write back.

I’m so alone. Contact me!

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