Cherished Blogfest: A quick look at what’s coming

cherished-badge16Hello, faithful readers!

I want to give you a quick notice of what’s coming up, just to let you know that I haven’t been idle, and to give those of you who are writers a chance to join the fun.

Beginning on July 29, the Cherished Blogfest will get under way, lasting just three short days. For those of you who remember the recent A-to-Z Challenge (and really, who could forget it), the Cherished Blogfest is sort of along the same lines in that bloggers are invited to participate in an event that may bring us new readers, and also gives us a chance to see the great work others are churning out. Think of it as a voyage of discovery!

Unlike the A-to-Z Challenge, however, the Cherished Blogfest is less structured, and won’t be such a huge commitment. Participants are asked to write one to three posts of 500 words or less, about any cherished object(s). Easy, right?

Yes, I’ve already written my entry, but that just gives me plenty of time to keep tweaking it until it drives me mad! I’ll give you a hint: My cherished object isn’t a gnome!

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll post anything else between now and July 29 when my post is scheduled to run. Nothing else is currently planned, but you can never tell when I might stumble across something that drives me batshit crazy, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you want to join the Cherished Blogfest, you’ll find some information HERE.


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  1. This sounds fun! I think I’ll sign up as well. Looking forward to seeing your cherished post.

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